Why Should You Choose A CakePHP Developer?

Why Should You Choose A CakePHP Developer

Web development is on the rise. It has become essential in the modern world to have a website that works for your business.

But web development is without a doubt a task that involves lots of money and skill. Besides, there are many frameworks and programming languages that confuses a lot of people.

We all know there are two parts to web development. These two parts are Server-side and Front-End web development. Both are equally important for the Website to work properly.

In this blog, we will read about cake PHP web development. It comes under PHP development. Read this complete blog to find out Why should you choose a Cake PHP Developer.


Cake PHP is an open-source web development framework. It has many features that make it special when compared to other frameworks available.

It has an MIT License and was released in 2005. Thinking why is it still used?

Well, let us find it out now.

Why does CakePHP outshine other frameworks?

Cake PHP has many benefits that allow CakePHP Development company to work efficiently and develop fast and secure websites and web apps.

Also, it is based on the model-view-controller(MVC) structure. The MVC structure allows CakePHP to create dynamic and interactive web apps and websites. It also makes Cake PHP Developer work smoothly with the support of other developers.

Now let us read about the main benefits of CakePHP web development. These benefits are a must-read as it can help you in choosing the best Framework for your website development.

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Features of CakePHP Web development and Framework

There are several benefits of the CakePHP framework. It is completely trustworthy when it comes to PHP development. The major advantages of the CakePHP framework are as follows.

* Open-source

* Large community

* CRUD integration

* MVC architecture

* Code-reusability

* Code generation

* Custom URLs and routes

* Fast

* Reliable

* Flexible templating

* Built-in validation

* Flexible ACL

* Data Sanitization

* Easy code Testing

* Built-in Libraries

As we read, there are several benefits of CakePHP, now let us read about a few of them. We will read about the top ten features of CakePHP Development.

So without further ado, let us start.

The topmost feature of CakePHP framework is MVC Pattern. MVC stands for Model, View and Controller. Do you know what the benefit of MVC Pattern is?

To simply put in words, it allows web developers to develop web applications into three different parts. Yes, you read it right development takes place into three major steps. As a result, It allows developers to work on each part with efficiency and focus.

It is one of the major reasons why CakePHP developers choose it over any other PHP framework.

Code Reusability

We all know development is a difficult task and requires a lot of skills to write code. Even advanced developers sometimes find it hard to write code.

Do you know How cake PHP resolves this issue?

Cake PHP allows developers to use code again and again. Yes, you read it right. It has a feature of code reusability.

Code Reusability in cake PHP allows developers to use code multiple times. That means code written once can be implemented several times in the entire code, and you do not need to write the whole code from starting.

Now, let us keep going into the world of Cake PHP and see how delicious it gets.

No Configuration Required

If you are developing a complex web app, it is obvious you do not want to spend a lot of time on configuration settings. For an application to run smoothly, you should work more on logic.

Now, some frameworks require you to work continuously with configuration settings. As a result, it wastes a lot of precious time that developers can use in other tasks of website development.

Are you curious how CakePHP works on this issue?

Well, Cake PHP found a marvelous solution to this problem. In cake PHP, you should be concerned about the connection settings of the database. Yes, that’s it. No need to worry about configuration settings in cake PHP.

It allows developers to work and focus more on the core of web development. That’s why if you are looking for a Cake PHP developer. The best option is to hire a CakePHP web development company.

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If you are tight on budget and want to develop a Web application, the best option available to you is CakePHP. Cake PHP is open-source and free to use.

Yes, that’s true. Even with so many features, it is Open-Source. It’s best to use your budget to hire a good web development company rather than spending money on expensive frameworks. It will help you in the long run and save you from wasting time and money.

Easy Code Testing

When you are developing a website or a web app, the last thing you want to happen is have errors. If you want your application to be error-free, it needs testing in multiple layers.

To help you with testing, Cake PHP allows easy testing. Unlike other frameworks, it has features that allow you to test your code multiple times and without any trouble.

Built-In Libraries

Now that you have CakePHP as open-source with features like Code Reusability and MVC structure, What else can make it more delicious?

The answer is Built-in Libraries. Because CakePHP is part of PHP, it comes with many built-in libraries. These libraries add to the fun part of CakePHP Web development.

The libraries in CakePHP allow developers to make amazing websites without working too much on coding.

Now, our cake is so delicious. Where is the Cherry?

Secure and Reliable

If the Framework isn’t secure, we all know every other feature is fruitless. So here is our cherry on the cake of Cake PHP web development.

Cake PHP has several features that allow it to develop secure websites. Cake PHP allows you to store data of users on your database securely. It is best to hire a CakePHP development company to have a secure and impenetrable database.

That’s our cherry, and without it, the cake is incomplete. To hire a company that works 24×7 to keep your Website secure, you can contact on +91 87 4009 4000.

Large Active Community

One of the main reasons why CakePHP is still used is because of its Large active community. Millions of users are working on CakePHP. That’s not only it, but Developers of CakePHP web development is also always excited about its updates.

It is also good for beginners in web development. If you are also starting with PHP Web development, learning CakePHP should be on your list.

No Installation Needed

Our cake is getting even more delicious. The reason is no installation required.

Yes, it is possible to work on CakePHP without uninstalling it on your machine.

You can directly work with this Framework only by configuring the database.

Now, it is time to read about the last top feature of CakePHP Web development.

CRUD Platform

The last but not least feature in our top ten list is CRUD Platform. Do you know what the benefit of CRUD Platform is?

The answer is better management of code. CRUDE means Create, Read, Update and Delete respectively.

That means all these steps are easy to do, and CakePHP becomes the best PHP framework available.

That’s not where the CakePHP Framework stops. It has many other features that you can explore. Cake PHP is flexible, and if you want to know more Hire a CakePHP development company and start working on it.

Without a doubt, this cake will make you and your clients happy.

Let us read about the Final words in this blog.

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