5 Things to Know Before Hiring An Android App Developer

Android app developer

Apps are a new world where we spend most of our time. Whether it’s Ios or Android, we use many apps. From writing Email to watching random videos, we use various apps.
Most people use Android today. There are 2.5 billion people that use Android daily. That means Android is a huge marketplace for every business.

But, there are very few android developers. If you are looking for an android developer, you need to be very careful. Because hiring an android developer is a very difficult task.
A good android developer can make your life heaven on earth. On the other hand, if you choose the wrong android developer, you will lose valuable opportunities.

If you are looking for an Android app development company or hiring an android developer, then you should consider the five most important things. These five important things will help you in many ways, so read the complete blog to know better.

Without further ado, let’s start.

Experience and Portfolio
The foremost thing you should look at is experience or portfolio when you hire Android app developers. Wondering what does portfolio mean? Portfolio means the previous experience. It can also be their sample work.

Wondering why Portfolio matters for an android developer? Well, if you look at the portfolio of an android developer, you will know their skills better. Also analyzing their portfolio means you will know their genre of expertise.

We all know there are multiple categories of apps. And to find an android app developer in your android app development category can be a challenging task.

That’s why you should consider hiring an Android app development company. App development companies like Perdiscoo have the android app developers in all categories. Whether it’s social media, E-commerce or any other app, Perdiscoo has android app developers that have great experience in every category.

Now let us move to the second important thing that you must consider before hiring an Android developer.

Technical Expertise & Requirement-Specific Knowledge
Now that you have looked at the portfolio, it’s time to look at their technical expertise. We all know technology is always changing, and it changes rapidly.

That’s why you should consider an android developer who has up to date technical skill and required knowledge for the app upgrades.

You should look for these four skills before hiring an android app developer. This list of skills also applies to Android app development companies.

    • Java – Android apps are mostly developed in Java. Java is the most important language that an android developer. If your android developer isn’t an expert in Java, then you need to reconsider your android developer.
    • Android SDK– SDK stands for the standard development kit. Or in other words, it is a kit of tools that android developers use to develop interactive apps. A good developer having all the knowledge and expertise of Android SDK is a must recommend.
    • Working with APIs– App development in Android involves lots of work with APIs. And a good android app developer must know how these APIs work. To test your android app developer’s skills in API, you can ask them about XML/SOAP and JSON/REST.
    • Back-End Understanding– Though app development in Android doesn’t involve lots of back-ends, but still, it’s a bonus point for an android app developer.

Regarding technical knowledge, we can say that you should always consider an android developer or android app development company that is master in Java, knows Android SDK and can work with APIs. Also, it will be best if you hire an android app development company who has expertise with back-end development.

Lets now read about the third most important thing that you should consider before hiring an android developer.

Features and Functionality of Your Application
Like we read above, there are multiple categories of apps. There can be multiple features and functions in your app as per your need. For example, some apps have a voice assistant.
Or you might want an app which can work offline. There can be multiple cases of features you want in an Android app. That’s why it is important to know whether your android app developer can develop these features.

If you want an app that is feature enriched and highly interactive, consider hiring an android app development company.

Perdiscoo is an android app development company which develops apps as per your feature requirement. Moreover, the apps developed by Perdiscoo are highly interactive and high rated on Playstore.

To check the portfolio, please visit the official website of Perdiscoo that is Perdiscoo.com.

Budget and the Targeted Timeline
We all know every project is good till it’s in our budget. Most of the android developers in the market charge heavily for even simple apps.

And there is no guarantee that these freelancers work on time because they are constantly working for their other clients as well.

That’s where the Android App development company wins over freelancers.
A good Android app development company delivers work on target timeline. Moreover, they work on a budget and don’t charge you an unnecessary hefty amount.

Not every freelancer is the same, but it is really hard to find a good freelance android app developer with all the skills required that too in budget and timeline.

That’s why if you want a good android app development company that works on time and budget, you can hire perdiscoo.

App’s Revenue Generation Model & Ongoing Assistance
We all know apps generate a lot of revenue. There are various methods for generating revenue by making android apps. Whether it’s In-app purchases or In-app advertising android apps can be developed to generate revenue.

If you have decided to generate revenue by developing an android app, make sure your android app developer knows that model in detail. If your app misses anything in the model, your app will generate zero revenue. That’s the last thing you would want to happen.

Some android app developers do not offer ongoing assistance. That means they will stop working once the app is developed. It can harm you and your business in the long run.
Because apps require a lot of updates and bugs resolving, it is best to hire a good android app development company.

To conclude, you should hire an android app developer that offers you ongoing assistance with all the skills mentioned above in the budget and timeline. If you don’t find such an android developer, go for an app development company.

About Perdiscoo
Perdiscoo is an android app development company that works as per your needs. Working with Perdiscoo ensures you quality service and that too in budget. Perdiscoo has a team of skilful android app developers that can help you generate revenue.

Also, Perdiscoo offers ongoing assistance and guidance from experts in Android app development. If you are considering developing an android app, it is best to hire Perdiscoo.

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