Top Reasons To Use Node.js Framework

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What is Node.js?

To understand node.js in a precise manner, we must know what javascript is. With so many options available in languages like python, java, C, etc but Javascript is still in the top 3 languages.  The reason why Javascript is in the top list is that it works on the client-side scripting. Client-side Scripting means what clients see in other words it is related to front-end programming. That means it was not only used for but also on browsers for various purposes. While other languages such as python, C, C++ were used in machines and web browsers too.

The main purpose of Javascript being popularly used is to make websites more interactive. Thus, to run Javascript on the browser it has to be converted into machine language. This can be done only by specific software also known as Engines.

Engines basically function in between machine and user. With so many options available for browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc we have different javascript engines too.

V8 – the most powerful and famous Javascript Engine is used by Chrome and Edge. Due to having a large committee on these browsers, a question arose that Is it possible to use Javascript efficiently in different browsers? 


Now to experiment this, Computer Engineers built the run-time environment. At present we call it as Node.js

Due to its successful experimentation, The Node.js framework is used on stand-alone machines too.


When the features of Node.js Framework are used with HTTP, it allows us to work easily on a web browser and server-side too. Thus we can now do full-stack development easily. This made Node.js development a huge success.

Why is Node.js so popular and best reasons to use Node.js :


Top Reasons To Use Node.js Framework

Javascript Universality 

One of the main reasons why Node.js is most used and is popular because it uses javascript only. Nodejs Framework allows developing new applications in the web browser itself.  Plus it can be used on the servers too.



It won’t be wrong saying that Node Js Framework is lightning fast. The reason being Nodejs development is based on V8 and its power to convert Javascript codes to machine codes directly. The bonus point, it has I/O operations performing in a controlled manner.


Used as Proxy Server

The ability to use HTTP along with Node Js Framework enables it to be used as a Proxy Server. Plus it allows data streaming making Nodejs development making it more lightweight and easy to maintain. 

Increased Productivity

Nodejs development runs on a single thread making it easy to run. Plus it can be modified easily making it productive for all the users. To boost your productivity you can use Node Js development services available at our website:

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Effective in Making tools with NPM

Due to many features and benefits such as easy to use and better speed makes Node Js development the first choice for production. NPM stands for NODE PACKAGE MANAGER.  Nodejs Framework comes with in-built tools during installation making Node Js Development useful and effective.


Better Web Hosting

Due to the large user base of Node Js Framework, it provides quality Web hosting for free too. Users can get good Web Hosting without any hassle for free. 


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