Reasons why I moved from Angular to React

Reasons why I moved from Angular to React

Both Angular and React are popular choices for front-end development frameworks. Both of them found their way into the list of top 10 JS frameworks in 2019. But there are a few differences between both the development software. React JS development has been earning brownie points for quite a long time. That’s the reason why many developers move from Angular to React to their work.

The main competition between React and Angular was started by two tech giants – Google and Facebook. As the two-development software is related to such big companies, they have gained popularity. However, recently more people are moving away from Angular to React. And there are solid reasons behind it.

Here are the reasons why many people prefer to hire React JS Developer over AngularJS.

React is only a view library.

React JS has a virtual DOM. So, it has a view library. As a result, you will be able to do all the changes outside of the React lifecycle. Also, it is simpler to use and has all the built-in libraries you can need. Further, the React library can help you render your JSX.

React is an innovative place.

React provides both innovation and promptness in the form of shorter developmental cycles. You can even reuse the existing codes. It dramatically enhances the app performance and also accelerates the speed. So, you can develop your apps faster and make them available for use within a shorter time.

Mix up HTML and JavaScript

React JS uses both HTML and JavaScript. So, you can experiment with it and create an innovative User Interface. JavaScript gives a better User Experience, which enhances the value of your app. React uses a virtual DOM, so making updates and changes to the original app is very simple. Thus, you can edit codes without affecting other areas of the program.

Simple API

As react uses JavaScript, it has a simple API. You can create commands easily and test them quickly in a prototype. The codes are effortless to write and are also efficient. Also, the commands are the same across every platform. So, you don’t need to worry about compatibility with different platforms.

Unidirectional data flow

Data binding in React is unidirectional. That means it is more stable than Angular JS. If you are a developer, you can work directly with the React JS components and use downward data binding to protect the parent entities. It further improves the code stability and increases the scalability of the app.


React JS has a predictable state container, called Redux in JavaScript. It helps you write consistent codes for your application. So, you can run it in different environments smoothly. React, and Redux works efficiently together, and you can use them with any library.


React has a global community where you can find support anytime you want. On GitHub and GitLab, you can find millions of coders who can help you if you are stuck somewhere. The number of developers working with React JS is more than the number of developers working with AngularJS. Also, a React JS development company is easier to find than an Angular JS development company.

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