Ruby on Rails Vs PHP: Which One Is Best?

Ruby on Rails Vs PHP: Which One Is Best?

It is a well-known fact that Web Development involves frameworks and programming language. There are multiple languages and a variety of frameworks available.

It is challenging to choose which framework and language are the best for our needs. That’s why, in this blog, we will read about the most asked question in the case of web development.

The question is Ruby on Rails vs PHP: Which one is Best?

This question is incorrect. The reason is comparing Ruby on Rails with PHP is like comparing Apples to Oranges.

Ruby on Rails is a framework used for web development. On the other hand, PHP is a language. Ruby on Rails is a framework that works on Ruby Language. At the same time, PHP uses other frameworks such as Laravel, CakePHP, YII etc.

Yes, you read it right both are incomparable, yet still the same question is asked. Don’t worry. In this blog, we will answer it.

Read the full blog and find out which is best, and why?

Scalability and Ease of Maintenance

Ruby uses more resources as compared to PHP for scalability. But it also depends on how the application is designed. Ruby on Rails and PHP both have a good ability to scale.

But as we read above, Ruby uses more resources, so as a result, it will have more scalability issues. But these issues can be resolved quickly. The solution to these issues depends on the web developer.

If it is Ruby on Rails Web Development, the developer might use third party help. The various services that can help you resolve scaling issues in Ruby on Rails Web Development are

* Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

* Rackspace Cloud Sites

In contrast, resolving scalability issues on PHP doesn’t require these services. A PHP developer can use online articles, tutorials and other resources to resolve scalability issues.

In short, PHP has a large number of solutions available for the developer, but it will require a lot of dedication and time. On the other hand, ruby on rails developers can use third-party services which may add to the cost of the project.

Now, let’s read about Ease of maintenance in PHP vs Ruby on Rails web development.

Again it depends on how the application is designed. However, the application can be maintained easily in PHP because it provides various frameworks. Opposite to this Ruby allows using a single framework that is Ruby on Rails.

In short, the Ease of maintenance depends on the framework. In both cases, we have frameworks, but PHP has more number of frameworks. It can be an advantage if your application is complex and requires multiple resources. Otherwise Ruby on Rails is also a useful framework which can be easily maintained.

Now let us continue our reading and find out the second most crucial point in Ruby on Rails vs PHP web development.

Speed and Performance

Ruby and PHP are usually both of the slowest languages to choose from, but Ruby needs more time than PHP does. Concerning efficiency problems, both languages have taken measures to reduce further the sluggishness that occurs in daily applications. Both languages have a range of runtimes, their key runtimes, such as MRI for Ruby and Zend Engine for PHP.

Compared to other languages, the use of such runtimes is very indolent. Several efforts to fix these challenges are made and under development. On the JVM, which is what Java uses as its runtime, there was a process to run both languages. In JVM, the justification for running on top is to use everything Java has to offer.

Nevertheless, only because they work on the JVM does not guarantee a swift application. There are items which run slower on the JVM. But if you need your application to run as quickly as possible, Rubinius for Ruby and HHVM for PHP are both available to run your applications faster, at the cost of reduced platform support.

Yes, it will act as a disadvantage. For instance, both Rubinius and HHVM do not work with Microsoft Windows.

That means you would have to change a few parts to make it rapid and smooth.

Let us now read about the third and last in our list of comparisons in PHP vs Ruby on Rails web development.


Last but not the least factor is cost. Cost is as essential as any other factor when it comes to Web development. That’s why we will be reading about it in three major points.

* There are more PHP developers as compared to Ruby on Rails developers. Do you know how it impacts the cost? Well, Scarcity is a fundamental concept of economics is your answer. As there are more PHP developers, there is high competition in PHP web development. Lots of PHP developers are working at low costs and readily available. But not all of them have all the skills which are necessary for web development. Think about the solution to this problem. Yes, you guessed it right. You can Hire a PHP development company.

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Let us now continue our reading and find out the other two significant points in the matter of cost.

* Ruby on Rails developers are almost those developers who shift from PHP. Do you know why developers jump to Ruby on Rails after PHP? The reason is Ruby on Rails is complicated and hard to learn. But it allows Ruby on Rails developers to build complex applications that require a lot of coding. Only an advanced programmer can become a Ruby on Rails developer. Therefore, you might see a hefty amount of the fees needed to hire a ruby on rails developer.

We all have heard you get what you pay for. But this isn’t the case with PHP. You can Hire a PHP developer at affordable costs who develop complex applications like the Ruby on Rails developer does.

It is acceptable that complex applications need development in Ruby on Rails, but why pay more? You can get the same work done in your budget if you Hire a PHP development company. The intricate work can be done only with the help of the proper use of frameworks. The excellent service of frameworks is only known to a good web development company as compared to beginners in PHP web development.

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Now let us read about our last point in the Cost factor.

* One of the most important parts of Web development is Hosting. Everyone wants a cheap hosting with excellent services. In our case of Ruby on Rails vs PHP, Ruby fails here. You will have a hard time finding hosting for Ruby on Rails. In contrast, PHP hosting is available at cheap rates.

Even if you find hosting that supports Ruby on Rails then you will see it costs goes up to $500 or more. Yes, that’s true. You read it right. It isn’t a good decision to get hosting at this price when you can develop a whole new web application from scratch at this rate.

That’s all in our list of Ruby on Rails vs PHP. If you want to know more, you should contact our team of experts right now.

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