Getting Started with Shopify – What is Shopify And Its Advantages

Getting Started with Shopify - What is Shopify And Its Advantages

When building an e-commerce website to sell products online, all retailers come together with the same question- Which platform is the best for eCommerce development? Which one will meet my budget and business requirements?

In this article, we’ll discuss Shopify and its advantages over the competition. In today’s time, various small and mid-scale businesses or retailers are using Shopify to build an innovative and feature-rich online store.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a comprehensive eCommerce cloud solution that helps small and mid-scale businesses build their own online store to sell products across multiple channels. Starting a Shopify store can be as easy as registering an account and modifying an existing template. Building an eCommerce store using Shopify is easy as the basic cost starts from $29. At this cost, you will be benefited from advanced features like payment gateway, marketing, inventory, SEO, shipping, and customer engagement tools to simplify the process of managing the e-commerce site.

Right from Shopify page speed optimizationShopify store speed optimization to Shopify development, Shopify is worth considering for eCommerce website development.

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The 5 advantages of Shopify-

Shopify has become popular among merchants, Shopify developers, and Shopify eCommerce development companies around the world. Every year, thousands of merchants or developers are using Shopify to build interactive Shopify websites.

Below are 5 advantages that make Shopify the best platform for eCommerce website development that will help you be successful with Shopify.

  • Quick And Easy Launch Of An E-Commerce Site

One of the main advantages of using Shopify is that it is simple and easy to set up any online store. In fact, without any technical knowledge, one can easily build an eCommerce website within a few minutes. It provides users with various tools to help them build a website easily. It also provides hosting, i.e. the technical infrastructure necessary to launch the online store.

  • Easy To Manage Back Office

Another advantage of Shopify is its ease of use. You as an admin can handle various complex tasks with ease in real-time. Thus, the maintenance of your online store is very intuitive. The user interface is designed in such a way that no advanced technical skill is required beforehand.

  • A Design And Attractive E-Commerce Site

Thanks to many free or paid themes and useful tools, e-merchants can build an eye-catching store to stand out from their competitors with a good user experience (UX). FYI, the most used design is called Porto. When it comes to Shopify performance optimization, you can rely on theme or design for better results.

  • API Cooperation Is Possible

Shopify has a public API. There are two advantages to using the API. The first is the development of the Shopify app. You can develop the apps you need and add your own features, or you can develop apps to publish on the app store.

The second is the realization of headless commerce (described later). For example, by using API, you can flexibly connect and link other systems such as content management system (CMS) and customer relationship management system (CRM) to the front end and back end. This also leads to the flexible support for the multi-channel mentioned above.

  • Safety And Reliability

Security, especially with regard to sensitive customer information or data and online payment, should be a top priority for the online store owner. Shopify ensures high-end security for customers’ data. The platform performs regular updates and maintenance work to keep the secure data of store owners and customers. In addition, Shopify has a very strong technical infrastructure, which prevents server outages even with an increased number of visits. This means that Shopify stores are also well prepared for seasonal peaks like Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, or Christmas. Finally, there is no supplement for external accommodation. It is therefore possible to use existing domains or to purchase a new domain name through Shopify.


Originally, Shopify was primarily of interest to small to medium-sized online stores. Its simplicity and ease of use combined with the many possibilities for adding internal and external applications are just two of the reasons for its growing success among e-merchants. If you are planning to build an online store then Shopify is the best platform for you. Thus, from Shopify speed optimization, development to support, Shopify provides all-in-one tools. You can hire Shopify developer or Shopify eCommerce development company in India to build an interactive website.


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