5 OpenCart Extensions to Boost your E-commerce Sales


E-commerce is the modern way of conducting various business ventures on electronic platforms. The process of eCommerce helps in maintaining the continuous exchange of goods and services on electronic platforms. With the due improvement in technology, the customers can directly pay the seller or producer via online transactions. It has simplified our everyday lives and made the selling and buying process more straightforward.

Why are e-commerce sites popular?
According to recent estimates by the global institution of research, the E-commerce ecosystem has grown to be a 27 trillion dollars market in 2020. While several websites claim to provide the best customer friendly and retailer friendly environments for the users, OpenCart is considered the best in the category.

OpenCart is one of the oldest e-commerce software that provides an online platform for modern retailers and manufacturers to sell their products online. It helps in contact-less delivery, where the customer can stay at home and pay for their products via online transactions.

OpenCart was created in April 2010 when e-commerce was at its nascent stage. Shortly after its release, it gained immense popularity among the users who lapped up sitting at home and buying goods. OpenCart became so popular that it gave small retailers a chance to compete on the online platforms. Large organizations can easily take their businesses online by investing the right amount in web applications. On the other hand, smaller startups fail to do the same due to a lack of resources.

What are OpenCart extensions?

The framework of OpenCart allows retailers to create a platform for selling their goods. Although it is highly beneficial, it doesn’t have much variety of customizable options. To customize your webpage and add extra features, you need OpenCart extensions. These extensions provide additional programs to improve the overall functionality of your website.
Here are some of the best OpenCart extensions that will immensely boost your sales.

NitroPack software interface created to solve web performance-related problems on various websites. These problems arise from the heavy traffic on websites or corruption by bugs. As the website’s size and traffic increase, these fatal problems can lead to the sites’ crashing. Your entire database will be affected, and you can lose all your data. Therefore, OpenCart Development Company suggests the use of the NitroPack extension. It is an all in one cloud-based software interface that will help in proper optimization of the website. It ensures that the smart cache warmup feature clears the waste data and prevents the system’s jamming. The best thing about this extension is its clean and user-friendly interface.

In case you are planning to install extensions into your existing website, you can hire OpenCart Developers to help you with the installation and usage process. The preOrder extension is the most widely used and popular extension of recent times. The extension allows you to preorder items on the website currently not available in the stocks. It also notifies you when any customer is placing preorders on items.

For efficient OpenCart development on your website to improve its sales, you need the iBlog extension. This extension uses its complex algorithms for SEO optimization, URL generation, and hosting data. As a result, you will be able to attract the attention of users on search engine sites. The increased visibility will improve your sales and give you more profits. iBlog will help your brand name appear on top of the search results while increasing your website’s traffic flow.

Plagiarism and content theft annoy many website creators. It is painful to see your hard work go in idle because someone on the internet steals your content and uses it without giving credits. Online copyright claim processes are tedious, and you will prefer staying silent than fighting for copyright claims. The best way is to create watermarks on everything from photographs to documents, and you will be able to create watermarks on everything. Also, the increased use of watermarks will improve the visibility rates of your brand.

Customers love after-sales services. It is the reason why many organizations invest in reviewing tools. OrderReviews extension used to provide the best in class after-sales services to the customers. While some customers have various questions about the product after the purchase, others would like to review it. This extension will allow the customer’s scope to review their products. Effective reviewing will improve your sales and bring more customers to you.

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